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♡Marrakesh to Terre d’Amanar Marrakesh♡

Today’s excursion will take the direction to the irresistable « Terre d’Aamanar »,a mountainy-based spance.

It is situated in the first parts of the High Atlas in just very few miles from Marrakech on Asni route.
It contains more than 100 000 vergin hectare of the National Park woody fields.
Terre d’Amanar is an authentic example of responsible tourism in Morocco.
The area is adequalety prepared to welcome families along with their children, couples and so forth.
It is the ground of certain activites that you always dream to attempt : Natural, sportif,cultural.
Not only this, but also some traditional and artisanal things to do and uncover with Berber families of the region.
For lunch we can recommend tasting alocal dishes based on the fresh ingredients composing the recipe.
Beside trekking, muels and donkeys riding, there is also the accro-park acctivity.
By the end of the day we will come back to Merrakech .

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